Explore The Wide Range Of Collections


Explore The Wide Range Of Collections

1.5 gm Lacquer Jewellery

Explore The Wide Range Of Collections


Explore The Wide Range Of Collections


Explore The Wide Range Of Collections

Home Decor

Explore The Wide Range Of Collections

Food Items

Explore The Wide Range Of Collections

Fitness Equipments

Explore The Wide Range Of Collections


Explore The Wide Range Of Collections

Branded Clothing

Explore The Wide Range Of Collections


Why Visitors Visit In

India International Grand Trade Fair - The Best Platform For Trade Fair Exhibition

Product Discovery

Explore a wide range of products and services under one roof at our trade fair exhibition, allowing you to compare offerings and make informed purchasing decisions.

Hands-On Experience

Physically engage with products and technologies, allowing you to assess their functionality and benefits firsthand.

Immediate Feedback

Offer feedback and insights to exhibitors, influencing product improvements and future developments.

Exposure to Diversity

Encounter a diverse array of companies and products at our trade fair exhibition, broadening your understanding of your industry's ecosystem.

Career Opportunities

Discover potential job openings, internships, and partnerships, fostering career growth and advancement.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Grand Trade Fair in Kolkata


City Square Ground
New Town -Kolkata

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Polo Ground

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Patliputra Ground



Gopal Maidan

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Why Visitors ❤️ Us

Choosing Our Trade Fair An Unmatched Global Trading Gateway

  • Homemaker

    Nidhi Agarwal

    Attending your trade fair exhibition was an eye-opening experience. The diverse range of exhibitors and the insightful sessions left me inspired and better informed about industry trends. I'm truly impressed with the caliber of exhibitors at your trade fair. The interactive displays, expert insights, and networking opportunities made it a must-attend event for me.

  • Service

    Vikas Patel

    In my opinion, IIGTF is the best trade fair exhibition that offered more than I expected. The hands-on product demos, engaging workshops, and chance to connect with professionals in the field enriched my industry knowledge. As a first-time attendee, I was blown away by the organization and relevance of your trade fair. The chance to explore innovative solutions and connect with like-minded individuals was invaluable.

  • Retired

    Rohan Gupta

    I've attended numerous trade fairs, but yours stood out. The quality of exhibitors, interactive sessions, and the seamless flow of the event showcased a level of professionalism I truly appreciated. A big thanks to your team for curating an event that catered to both seasoned professionals and newcomers like me. The hands-on learning and exposure to cutting-edge solutions were remarkable.


  • Student

    Sanya Malik

    Your trade fair was a fantastic opportunity to witness industry innovation up close. The chance to discuss trends, see new products, and engage with experts was an enriching experience. Thanks for creating a trade fair that catered to professionals of all levels. As a newcomer, I felt welcomed and walked away with a wealth of knowledge.


    Our Segments

    Choosing Our Trade Fair An Unmatched Global Trading Gateway

    • Furniture & Interior

      Our trade fair includes a wide array of exhibitors showcasing the latest in furniture designs and interior decor. From modern minimalist pieces to classic styles, explore innovative trends that transform spaces.

      Furniture & Interior
    • Lifestyle

      Delve into a diverse collection of products and services aimed at enhancing everyday living. This includes fashion, gourmet food and beverages, home essentials, and more, ensuring a holistic lifestyle experience.

    • Health & Fitness

      Discover the latest innovations in health and fitness, from state-of-the-art exercise equipment to nutrition and wellness products. This segment connects health-conscious consumers with suppliers dedicated to promoting well-being.

      Health & Fitness
    • Beauty, Cosmetics & Wellness

      Discover the latest innovations in health and fitness, from state-of-the-art exercise equipment to nutrition and wellness products. This segment connects health-conscious consumers with suppliers dedicated to promoting well-being.

      Beauty, Cosmetics & Wellness
    • Children's Segment

      A dedicated space for products and services catered towards children, including toys, clothing, educational resources, and more. This sector fosters opportunities for businesses in the child-centric market.

      Children's Segment
    • Real Estate & Finance Sector

      Engage with experts in real estate and finance, offering services from property consultation to financial planning and investment opportunities.

      Real Estate & Finance Sector
    • Travel & Tourism

      Explore a myriad of exciting destinations, tourism packages, and travel services. Meet with travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality services to plan your next big adventure.

      Travel & Tourism
    • Stationery & Corporate Gift

      Discover unique stationery and corporate gift offerings. These range from premium writing tools and office supplies to personalized gift items, perfect for corporate branding and relationship-building.

      Stationery & Corporate Gift
    • Electronics & Appliances

      Interact with top electronics brands showcasing the latest in consumer electronics and home appliances. Find innovative solutions that make life easier, more efficient, and connected.

      Electronics & Appliances
    • Agro & Processed Food Products

      Explore an extensive range of agricultural products, organic produce, and processed food items. This sector connects food producers directly with retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers.

      Agro & Processed Food Products
    • Govt. & PSU's

      Our platform offers a unique space for government bodies and Public Sector Undertakings (PSU's) to showcase their initiatives, public services, and opportunities for public-private partnerships.

      Govt. & PSU's
    • Micro & Small Scale Industry

      A special segment dedicated to promoting micro and small-scale industries, offering them a platform to showcase their products and services and connect with potential partners, suppliers, and customers.

      Micro & Small Scale Industry
    • Handicraft & Handloom

      Explore the rich diversity of traditional crafts and handloom products. This sector supports artisans by providing them a global platform to display their skills and sell their unique products.

      Handicraft & Handloom
    • Garments & Leather Industry

      Meet with leading manufacturers, designers, and suppliers in the garment and leather industry. Stay updated on the latest trends in fashion and explore a vast selection of clothing and leather goods.

      Garments & Leather Industry
    • Automobile Industry

      Dive into the world of automobiles. From the latest car models to innovative auto components, this sector provides a comprehensive view of the automobile industry, its newest technology, and upcoming trends.

      Automobile Industry

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      Bigger than ever before, THE IIGTF 2023 is back with its biggest wings, ready to take your business Industry by storm!

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