IIGTF Collaboration With Bharat Chamber Of Commerce For Newtown Trade Fair

IIGTF Collaboration With BCC

In a significant development that promises to elevate the scale and reach of the annual India International Grand Trade Fair, organizers have announced a strategic partnership with the prestigious Bharat Chamber of Commerce. This IIGTF collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of the event, bringing together the expertise, networks, and resources of both organizations for the upcoming Newtown Trade Fair.

Why Exhibit At India International Grand Trade Fair

The India International Grand Trade Fair, known for being a premier platform for businesses to showcase their products and services. It has been a highlight of the country’s commercial calendar for years. This event attracts a diverse array of exhibitors, ranging from small-scale entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations. Exhibit at IIGTF to get a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with potential customers, launch new products, and forge partnerships.

Association With Bharat Chamber Of Commerce

The Newtown Trade Fair, an integral part of the larger event, has grown steadily in prominence over the years. It serves as a vital hub for businesses operating in and around Newtown, a burgeoning economic center in India. The IIGTF collaboration with the Bharat Chamber of Commerce will surely amplify the trade fair’s impact on local businesses and the regional economy.

Benefits Of IIGTF Collaboration

The Bharat Chamber of Commerce, established in 1903, is one of India’s oldest and most respected industry associations. It has played a pivotal role in fostering economic growth, advocating for business-friendly policies, and facilitating international trade. By partnering with the India International Grand Trade Fair, the chamber aims to leverage its vast network of industry connections to benefit the businesses participating in the trade fair.

Mr. Chandan Chatterjee, CEO of the India International Grand Trade Fair, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He states that, “This collaboration with the Bharat Chamber of Commerce represents a significant milestone for our event. We believe that their wealth of experience and industry knowledge will add immense value to our exhibitors and attendees. Together, we can create a more vibrant and prosperous business environment.”

The Bharat Chamber of Commerce expressed its optimism about the collaboration. Their saying is, “We are excited to join hands with the India International Grand Trade Fair. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to support businesses in their growth journey. Together, we can create a more robust and resilient business ecosystem in Newtown and beyond.”

Trade Fair Schedule And Participation Details

The partnership will bring about various enhancements to the Newtown Trade Fair. These include specialized workshops and seminars on business development, trade policies, and industry trends, facilitated by experts from the Bharat Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, participants will have access to a broader range of networking opportunities and potential collaborations, both locally and internationally.

The India International Grand Trade Fair, in association with the Bharat Chamber of Commerce, is set to take place in Newtown from December 1st to 11th, 2023. Businesses and entrepreneurs are welcome to participate. And also, they can take advantage of the enhanced opportunities for growth and collaboration that this partnership promises to bring.

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